Adding Units Edit

In order to add a unit page, you must:

  1. Click the Contribute button near the top right of any page on the Wiki.
  2. Select "Add a Page"
  3. Add the name of the Card as the title (What do you want to call it?)
  4. Under "Choose a Page Layout:" choose either option ("Blank Page" or "Standard Page") and press the red Add a Page button.
  5. To add the Unit template, look above the editing box. You will see a menu that prompts you to "Select a template:".
  6. Press the "New Unit" link in this menu.
  7. Mouseover the green puzzle piece that appears in the editor and the template will pop up. On the bottom of this window, press "Edit".
  8. Use the GUI window that pops up to enter stats.
    1. The tricky thing here is adding the picture - you must copy the filename EXACTLY as it appears on the upload page, which is why I have taken to uploading files in the name_of_unit.png style.
    2. If you don't know the picture name, find the picture in the uploads section and open it in the browser to copy the filename out of the URL bar.
  9. Once you're done adding information (anything you don't add will default to XX or somesuch derivative, which is fine!), press the Preview button to make sure you like how it looks
  10. If everything is good, press the red OK button at the bottom right.
  11. Add card categories (in the righthand menu)! Every unit at least needs the "Unit" category, otherwise it's hard to find it later and won't appear in the unit list. Try to add these categories, at least:
    1. Unit
    2. Unit type (Limited unit, Event unit, Regular unit, Special unit)
    3. Unit gender (Male unit, Female unit)
    4. Unit rarity (Normal unit, U-Normal unit, Rare unit, S-Rare unit, U-Rare unit)
    5. Unit class (Melee unit, Aerial unit, Ranged unit)
    6. Unit completion (Complete unit, Incomplete unit)
  12. Add a little comment to describe your addition in the upper right of the menu (Edit Summary).
  13. Press the red Publish button

And, remember, anything you don't know can be fixed later, so don't be afraid to post something up, even if it's not perfect. :D Thanks for contributing! Questions about these directions should be directed to: Feldenthorne

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