Unit information

Adventure Witch

Adventure witch
Basic information
Type Ranged
Rarity U-Normal
Value XXXX
Pride 10
Gender Female
Category Regular unit
Evolution Evo none
Set None
Skill information
Skill None
Skill effect N/A
Base level


Max level N/A
Level and stats
Stat LV 1 LV X LV Up
Base + ++ Base + ++ Base + ++
HP 1550 N/A N/A XXXX N/A N/A +XX +N/A +N/A
ATK 1460 N/A N/A XXXX N/A N/A +XX +N/A +N/A
DEF 1490 N/A N/A XXXX N/A N/A +XX +N/A +N/A
ALL 4500 N/A N/A XXXX N/A N/A +XX +N/A +N/A

Unit story

All clues lead to here. Just because they do, doesn't mean I shouldn't look for any hidden hints. You say I've seen too many adventure plays? Fact is stranger than fiction, they say. Okay, time to figure this out!

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