Unit information

Crystal Shaman

Crystal shaman
Basic information
Type Ranged
Rarity Rare
Value 2690
Pride 10
Gender Male
Category Limited unit
Evolution Evo none
Set None
Skill information
Skill Crystal Gazing
Skill effect Raises unit's ATK by 5%
Base level

Max level N/A
Level and stats
Stat LV 1 LV 45 LV Up
Base + ++ Base + ++ Base + ++
HP 1150 XXXX XXXX 4600 XXXX 6900 +76 +XX +XX
ATK 1380 XXXX XXXX 4600 XXXX 6900 +67 +XX +XX
DEF 1380 XXXX XXXX 4600 XXXX 6900 +67 +XX +XX
ALL 3910 XXXX XXXX 13800 XXXX 20700 +210 +XX +XX

Unit story

Can you see? The fortune reflected in these jasper crystals. Prosperity, decline, revolution, then war. History is in flux. Compared to such scale, our time on earth is brief. No sense in brooding, though.

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