Guild: Hidden Safyre Warriors is a rank 10 guild found within the realm of Van Rodys. The first guild to reach the rank of level 10 within the realm. Its current guild master is the famous Tekal.


Originally the merger of two guilds called Hidden Rebels and Forgotten Warriors, it was widely known as Hidden Warriors. The guild was famous for containing some of the strongest known players in the game, who often took positions within the top 10 of event rankings. Later in early 2013 the guild HW merged with another smaller, yet well known guild, Safyre. The core members of Safyre migrating over to Hidden Warriors (Now renamed Hidden Safyre Warriors) causing the creation of a super guild. Filled with active players it became a well known fact that HSW could hunt and kill any boss without having to invite other players from outside the guild. The guild remains one of the top guilds in the game and often its members are found within the top rankings in events. The guild showed its ferocious power during the the Arves Graduation event by taking nearly every top 10 position as a tribute to their beloved guildmaster BlackWidow who left them.

List of Guild Masters:

Screenshot 2013-05-04-22-20-11(1)




HSW is a private guild. Joining the guild is request based via pm. Its current roster is made up of veteran players who are well versed in the know-abouts of the game and tend to rank very highly in events. They are known to also contain several heavy hitters (a term applied to players who do high damage against bosses) and are famous for their fierce loyalty to their own. All the members are jovial and fun-loving and encourage camaraderie amongst all players.

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