Unit information

Inferno Bat

Basic information
Type Aerial
Rarity U-Rare
Value 3790
Pride 43
Gender Unknown
Category Limited unit
Evolution Evo none
Set Demonic Bats
Skill information
Skill Destructive Bite
Skill effect Lowers enemy ATK by 10%
Base level

Max level N/A
Level and stats
Stat LV 1 LV 70 LV Up
Base + ++ Base + ++ Base + ++
HP 1570 XXXX XXXX 6270 XXXX XXXX +66 +XX +XX
ATK 3900 XXXX XXXX 15580 XXXX XXXX +165 +XX +XX
DEF 3520 XXXX XXXX 14060 XXXX XXXX +149 +XX +XX
ALL 8990 XXXX XXXX 35910 XXXX XXXX +380 +XX +XX

Unit story

Bats that shine bright white in the dark night are frightening. They're convinced that they can easily hunt humans, and attack at random. Therefore, there is no surefire defense. They are prepared to die, and that is the only means to rid of them.

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