Unit information

Lady Black Feather

Lady black feather
Basic information
Type Ranged
Rarity U-Normal
Value 2680
Pride 13
Gender Female
Category Regular unit
Evolution Evo none
Set None
Skill information
Skill Jet Black Accomplice
Skill effect Reduces enemy ATK by 5%
Base level

Max level ★★★★★
Level and stats
Stat LV 1 LV 35 LV Up
Base + ++ Base + ++ Base + ++
HP 1120 N/A N/A 4750 N/A N/A +95 +N/A +N/A
ATK 1400 N/A N/A 4660 N/A N/A +93 +N/A +N/A
DEF 1430 N/A N/A 4750 N/A N/A +94 +N/A +N/A
ALL 3950 N/A N/A 13880 N/A N/A +282 +N/A +N/A

Unit story

Do you know why crows are so black? It's because they absorb the sins of men while still in the egg, which dyes their feathers black before they're born. So don't worry about me and my feathered friend here. We're your friends, too.

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