Unit information

Shadow Orblum

Shadow orblum
Basic information
Type Aerial
Rarity S-Rare
Value 3730
Pride 15
Gender Unknown
Category Limited unit
Evolution Dark Jade Garna
Set None
Skill information
Skill Freezing Governor
Skill effect Raises unit's DEF by 7%
Base level

Max level N/A
Level and stats
Stat LV 1 LV 55 LV Up
Base + ++ Base + ++ Base + ++
HP 1590 1910 XXXX 6350 XXXX XXXX +86 +XX +XX
ATK 1950 2340 XXXX 6500 XXXX XXXX +82 +XX +XX
DEF 1860 2240 XXXX 6200 XXXX XXXX +78 +XX +XX
ALL 5400 6490 XXXX 19050 XXXX XXXX +246 +XX +XX

Unit story

Your lives are limited, humans. Without destruction you will never know the joy of birth. That is why all must eventually free their existence from the flesh they inhabit. In your case, the time for that is right now.

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