Special events are limited-time challenges that usually take place every two weeks. They feature special characters, rewards and quests for the participants. So far, two types of special events have taken place: quest-based events and coliseum events.

Quest-based EventsEdit

Quest-based Events are the most rewarding way of spending Vigor . To the usual possibility of finding Coliseum Tokens, encountering a compatriot or encountering a unit is added the possibility of meeting a special Event Encounter, different for each Event. Beating the Encounter will earn you 200 special summon points, 1000 if it's the special version.

It takes approximately 4750 vigor to get past the Final Quest, required to get the monthly S-Rare.

The level of the Encounter is determined by your number of Conquests (which includes the ones from your allies). For example, if you have 57 Conquests, your Encounter will be level 58. This means that hitting other players' Encounters (see below) will result in an increase in the level of your own encounters.

If you can't do enough damage to kill the Encounter, you can request help from your allies, guild members or even random strangers. Each invite you send will earn you 10 summon points and let other players hit on your Encounter.

If you're invited to the Encounter of another player and you deal at least 5% of the maximum health of the Encounter, you will be rewarded half the summon points of the original player.

Each defeated Encounter will add its maximum health to your Event points. Special encounter give a 5x multiplier and hitting another players' will reduce it by half. The top 100 players receive a special U-Rare and S-Rare at the end of the event, whereas the top 500 only receive the S-Rare. Ranking is determined solely by Event points.

Summon points do not seem to give better results when spent with a high Conquest number. However, there has been reports of an increased chance of summoning rare cards when spending summon points with over 100 Conquests. This, however, has not been confirmed (see discussion).

Event Encounter Special Encounter
The Black Rider Black Rider None
Wanderer of the Night Evil Eye None
The Straits of Vemer Leviathan None
The Shadow in the Palace Orochi Serpent Ebony Serpent
Ancient Ghost of Grashad Tower Apparition Bloody Apparition
The Witches of Alvatar Arcane Sorceress Dark Mistress
Challenge the Celestial Dragons Gold Dragon Holy Dragon
Hound Counter Attack Clone Kong Genome Kong
Dark Nights of Trasylvay Hell Bat Inferno Bat

Coliseum EventsEdit

Coliseum Events work quite like the Coliseum . With a party of five, the player finds himself matched against bots and fellow warriors. Each win gives 10 Reward Points and a variable amount of Ranking Points depending on the power of the defeated foe. For each twenty victories, an additionnal reward of Mhani, Special Tokens and fiero points . Reward Points can be exchanged for prizes in the Event Shop. The top 100 players receive a special U-Rare and S-Rare at the end of the event, whereas the top 500 only receive the S-Rare. Ranking is determined solely by Ranking Points.

A special type of Coliseum Token is required to enter the Coliseum Event. As soon as the Event starts, you can find Special Tokens in quests or as rewards in the Coliseum Event.