Starting outEdit

General Game TipsEdit

A great source for general game information is this external page, the Artamie Knights Guild Page. It provides a quick overview of game basics that everyone should know.

Quick level-upsEdit

When you start the game, you will be able to level-up quickly by going on quests. Use this to your advantage to get to know the game. When you level-up, your vigor will be regenerated, allowing you to go on more quests.

Changing your nameEdit

By default, all players are named Player with a series of number. To change your name, go into Gree's main menu and choose the setting option. You will be able to confirm your account and change your name.

By doing this other players are more likely to add you as an ally.


A good way to get a lot of power in Events or to get started up is to use the Major Summon. It can be a bit expensive, at 1500 Coins, but you will have six chances at getting a powerful S-Rare or U-Rare for the event. You're guaranteed at least rares, so it will start up your unit collection quickly. One major summon gives you six cards from Rare to U-rare, so you could get lucky and get some of the best cards in the game. Units from the Major Summon that are related to a given Event also have an attack multiplier or 10x (rares) or 20x (above) for the corresponding event.

Japanese WikiEdit

The two main Japanese wikis for Cerberus Age, or 聖戦ケルベロス (Holy War Cerberus), are located at and, respectively. At both, much more complete list of cards exists, but their contents may not align with the localized version of the game, so use their information with that in mind.